Mathieu oversees Meinhardt’s global façade business which employs over 100 façade engineers and designers. In his 20-year career, he has been involved in numerous façade design and construction projects including Changi Airport Terminal 1 (Singapore), World Trade Centre II (Indonesia) and The Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE).

Trends in Green Facades

Wed, Jun 20, 2012 Comments (0)
Façades constitute a major component of green building design, from several points of view.
With the emerging trends in material technology, architectural design is getting highly competitive. As more developers and owners attempt iconic buildings, architects and structural engineers are increasingly faced with the…

Keeping Up the Right Façade

Fri, Aug 12, 2011 Comments (0)
Modern airport designs often incorporate extremely large areas of glass facades; probably partly due to the overall trend in construction industry driving ever more glass on building façades, and in…