Leveraging Digital Tools for Holistic Collaboration

Structural Optimization

Stiffness requirements often control the design of tall buildings or long span structures. There is a lack of robust and efficient workflows to size structural members (e.g. walls, beams, columns) to meet required deflection criteria. We have developed a custom program which allows us to rapidly size structural members for multiple design constraints. In this video example, we seek to determine the minimum beam sizes/areas that fulfill prescribed deflection targets. This allows the structural team to rapidly communicate structural requirements for a given design scheme.

Web Based Reporting

Structural analysis produces an incredible amount of data. Depending on one's role in the design process, a different level of granularity is required to understand where the design stands. We have leveraged custom post processing routines to automate the production of standard graphs which report structural demand and performance. In this animation, we show floor-by-floor seismic loads and drift performance.

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November 21, 2011

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