The Data Centre Challenge: Going Modular

The data centre market is growing worldwide, with $106 billion spent equipping data centres worldwide in 2012 and a bevy of other staggering statistics showing just how the field is booming.

Three billion photos per month are uploaded to Facebook, with 25 terabytes of data managed daily, and more video is uploaded to YouTube in a single month than NBC, CBS and ABC have broadcast collectively since 1948.

Some five billion devices are connected to the internet today, with forecasts suggesting that number could balloon to 20 billion by 2020.

An 800 per cent increase in growth has been predicted over the next five years and 33 per cent annual growth in IP traffic expected from 2012-2015. Furthermore, cloud-related businesses are expected to create upwards of 14 million new jobs globally over the next three years.

The challenge for engineers in data centres and the telecommunications industry is to provide innovative, lasting solutions to a constantly-evolving sector. Products, technology and business plans change rapidly, and today’s engineering solutions have to work in the future.

Modular data centre technology is evolving and this technology is enabling clients to build what they need today while still retaining flexibility for future growth. This also speeds up equipment deployment and scalability.

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October 5, 2012

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