Exploiting Modular Construction

Exploiting Modular Construction Exploiting Modular Construction


Existing structures also offer up opportunities.  Modules could be added to car park structures, for example, to diversify the use of the existing structure.  It is much easier and cheaper to design a module to land on the existing column grid than tackle construction of a complicated, space requiring and expensive transfer level to maximise the yield on.  This is especially pertinent for CBD sites.

With the forthcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, temporary accommodation for athletes and temporary hotels for visitors could be an option at what level of quality is required.  This type of use can utilise the ‘plug and play’ potential of modular buildings while no site welding means they are easy to decommission after the event. Although economics would have to be explored, there would then be opportunities for simply moving these buildings on to another event or site.

Modular buildings have come along way and there is certainly more to come.

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May 2, 2012

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