The Marq

Offering 66 luxurious apartments across two 23-storey towers, the Marq located on Paterson Hill, is a prime example of bold and innovative architectural design.  Its façade system utilises oversized double volume curtain walls with integrated sunshades to bring out the best views and to improve occupant comfort.


   SC Global

Architects    SCDA

   Obayashi Corporation


Key Challenges

  1. Reducing heat gain as there are large areas of glass used.
  2. Maintaining a seamless transition between single height and double height spaces.
  3. Concealing and integrating the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) within the restraint of the architectural design.


Meinhardt’s Engineering Innovations

  1. To maintain a clear view during the night, a second low-emissivity coating was proposed on the third surface layer of the glass windows. This reduced the internal light reflectance while a low-e coating on the second surface layer reduced heat gain during the day.
  2. The concealment of the BMU on the roof was integrated into the design using the same screens used on the facade.



  • Use of low emissivity coating provided lower internal reflection compared to when using clear glass and allowed for views to the  outside
  • Large, unobstructed views were made possible through massive glass panes of 1.4-metre by 5.4-metre high
  • Maximised double height volume
  • Integrated architectural design with high performing façade
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January 2, 2012

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