Marina Bay Suites


Meinhardt’s Engineering Innovations

Meinhardt proposed to relocate the tower (diagram 2), from its original location (diagram 1) over the existing Common Services Tunnel (CST).

The relocation:

  • Eliminated the need for a 2.5-metre deep transfer structure to span across the CST
  • Reduced the building weight allowing more floors to be built
  • Reduced construction cost and time
  • Improved construction safety


  • Tower height increased resulting from the relocation of the building thus providing better views of the bay
  • Estimated savings of approximately S$39 million on structure work by eliminating the need for a transfer structure
  • Obviated the potential risks to the combined services tunnel and drain
  • Saved approximately six months in construction time. 


  • BCA Green Mark Gold Award, 2009
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January 2, 2012

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