One Raffles Quay


  • Approximately S$10 million of savings was achieved and construction period was reduced by three months just by skewing the building.
  • Central box core (transfer structure), which was a more efficient structural design, did not require the lobby to be elevated 10 metres above ground level as per original design.
  • Tunnel shielding walls minimised risk to MRT tunnels.
  • The use of the District Cooling System reduced energy cost.
  • The use of steel-concrete composite construction reduced building weight which mitigated down drag settlement of the MRT tunnels and reduced space required for foundations to fit within the parcel boundary.


  • BCA Green Mark Gold Award, 2009
  • BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards (Merit), 2008
  • CTUBH Honorable Nominee for Best Tall Building - Asia and Australasia, 2008
  • FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards 2008 (Winner in Office Category), 2008
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January 2, 2012

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