Integration and Innovation: Creating Sustainable Facades

Figure 2: Surface temperature of different colours of metal cladding

It is, therefore, important for an experienced façade consultant to be on board early in the project planning to avoid abortive work for the building envelope. With a holistic process in place, both the building and façade design can be implemented quickly and easily. Proper integration can increase the lifespan of the façade while innovative problem solving helps to counter emerging trends in architecture and materials technology.

Strategic thinking and constant dialogue between the architect and façade consultant will certainly contribute to the aesthetics and appearance of the skin. Often architects will plan in 3D without realizing whether the design can be constructed. A façade consultant can step in to advise on the local context, durability, efficiency and efficacy, and help determine the most appropriate façade systems and material specification.

Likewise, having a façade consultant on board can assist the structural design such as identifying the setback lines and suitable façade supports will enable a streamlined façade depth to be maintained. Equally, understanding the access needs for the roof will enable the structural engineers to determine the appropriate loads and contribute to a well-designed façade that can be maintained properly.

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September 28, 2011

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