The Carbon Tax and the Challenges for the Construction Industry

Carbon Tax Carbon Tax

Regardless of what happens to the current version of the carbon tax or emissions trading in the near future, there is nothing that can remove increasing of energy costs. Businesses embracing change and innovation will become more profitable than their status-quo peers. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and resource efficiency is inevitable if we are to continue to enjoy our current standard of living and improved standard of living in less developed countries.

Consumer sentiment also favours efficiency and sustainability. As an industry, we play a significant role in how to turn the challenge of the rising costs of construction and operation into an opportunity to win more projects and become more profitable. We can see this opportunity through closer collaboration between developers, architects, engineers and contractors focused on the efficient built environment outcome.

End users also examine their operations to identify energy inefficiencies and carbon emissions in an effort to reduce their carbon tax and energy cost exposure. At Meinhardt, we have launched a carbon and integrated engineering consultancy to offer a full spectrum of resource efficiency and design services. At the macro level our engineering capabilities are harnessed to evaluate and develop enterprise wide sustainability and resource efficiency strategies. At the micro level we offer engineering design services, emissions auditing, inventory, measurement and verification and reporting services.

While rising energy costs and carbon tax exposure may create significant challenges to some businesses in the short term, avoiding them is not a good strategy.  Decisive action and strategic partnerships may transform a headache into new business opportunities and improved profitability.

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May 31, 2012

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