Evidence Based Design


Figure 1 illustrates the traditional approach to design development, where disciplines’ teams work on their individual components.

Figure 2 illustrates the integrated and evidenced based design approach where all teams interact and contribute to design and cost optimisation.

Figure 1: Traditional approach to sustainable design

Figure 2: Evidence based design

Integrated Building Design Strategies

Integrated design strategies aim to combine passive design solutions with the building’s services to provide optimal indoor environmental quality and a high level of energy efficiency. The building’s form and fabric is in consideration of its internal and external environment.

Integrated and efficient building design requires all design team members to be involved in all stages of the design process so that the aesthetic vision and functionality of the building can be reconciled with its energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.

Figure 3 illustrates the integration of different building elements.

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August 26, 2011

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A good design is a sustainable design
If we define a good design as an efficient design which minimises the use of materials and resources during construction and operation, while achieving the desired outcome, then we are on the way to achieving sustainable design. Sustainability will be further enhanced by maximising the use of renewable/recyclable materials and resources.

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