Gardens by the Bay, Bay South


3.  Meinhardt also designed the temporary support structure that ensure stability of the conservatories during the construction stage and also provided access to the glass installation.



4.  The design of the gridshell node was changed from a cast node with bolts detail to a fully welded node detail.  This resulted in cost savings and a faster erection period.



  • Advanced analysis and design procedures used predicted the expected deflections of the structure to be within 5% of actual deflection values.  This was critical for the successful installation of glazing.
  • Through the detailed consideration of the de-propping sequence and simplification of the gridshell node connections, cost and time savings were achieved
  • The contractor’s safety risk during construction was minimised due to careful planning and supervision of the erection sequence


  • MIPM Architectural Review Future Awards, 2009
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January 2, 2012

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